E520 Bulk Bag Coin Scale

The E520 digital bulk coin checker offers high accuracy and complete flexibility in a very simple to operate, portable scale.

Select to count in Euro’s or Stirling via a single front panel push button, once this selection is made there are an additional eqight dedicated buttons for selection of the coin denomination.

For multiple counts of the same denomination, the E520 retains the selected coin type and value until another selection is made. This feature speeds up the opertaion leaving the processor to simply load the scale. The E520 gives a running total number of transactions and values after each entry.

The E520 also has a “big bag” mode which enables the operator to quickly check the contents of bulk bags so the operator can be sure they have the correct contents without the need to even open it.

Key Features:

  • Counts Euro’s and Stirling
  • Pre-programmed coin weights
  • Counts Loose or Bagged Coins
  • Big Bag Mode
  • Accumulator
  • Large Weigh Plate 330 x 220mm
  • Battery or Mains Operation
  • 3 Line LCD Simple Operation

The E520 comes with a full 12 months warranty and a choice of back to base or on site service contract upon expiry of the initial 12 month warranty.