CS600 Coinsorter

A desktop coinsorter engineered and manufactured by Autocash in the UK offering fast and effective cash couting solutions to a host of cash processing applications.

The CS600 is a desktop sorter incorporating the continuous count, batch and sort feature enabling the operator to transfer coins into small plastic bag values from the flip-down box of the coin that has reached its denomination stop value, whilst the coinsorter contiues to process all other denominations. Thus allowing the operator to process coins with maximum productivity.

Features include: Count speed of 500 coins per minute, free run and batch sorting modes; 9 flip-down coin boxes, easy operation, optional printer, and design and engineered with quality components for durability with video sensor and alloy detection coin validation.


  • Power: 240V mains supply
  • Size: D 360 x W 690 x H 490mm
  • Display:32 Character LCD
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Noise: Less than 60 db (A)
  • Count Speed:500 cpm