Counterfeit Detection

  • The NV3
  • The VT 350 E
  • Euro Detectors
  • Hand Held UV & MG Detector £9-99 each!

The CMP1802 Note Validator

The CMP1802 Note Validator having passed 100% of forgery detection tests at the European Central Bank of Belgium and Austria offers complete piece of mind when accepting bank notes in all business situations.

The unit operates on re-chargeable batteries and an in-vehicle adaptor is available for 100% mobility making the CMP1802 a safeguard against accepting forged notes for bus and coach operators, market traders, as well as retailers and all other cash applications.

Utilising (IR) Intelligent Recognition, (MC) Magnetic Code, (MI) Magnetic Ink and 2D Length this unit will save your business operations time and money at less than £80 (excluding Carriage excluding Vat) per unit.

Key Features:

Only £79-00 (ex.Vat)

  • Validates Euro’s and GBP Stirling
  • Detection IR, MI, MC & 2D Length
  • Fully Automatic
  • Fully Mobile
  • Re-Chargeable Batteries
  • Adaptor for Vehicle Use
  • Updateable via PC
  • Compact and Lightweigh

Counterfeit Detection Pens

Forgery detection ideal for those on the move or those that need cash protection at numerous collection points. A simple strike of the pen across single or multiple notes produces a brown mark revealing suspect notes immediately. This low cost option will afford protection at an economic cost. Stop just 1 forged £5 note and each pen pays for itself twice over.

5 plus £ 2-50 each
25 plus £ 2-20 each
50 plus £ 1-95 each
100 plus £ 1-65 each
(plus postage plus Vat)