Coinsorting Machine Rentals

C M P has, along with many other companies, adjusted to the economic climate and the restrictions it has subsequently brought upon businesses. In so far as, the requirement of Capital Expenditure is a ‘No Go’ for many due to cut backs and financial stability within budgets and targets, we NOW offer a growing number of cash handling organisations the opportunity to RENT equipment (with or without service contract agreements incorporated).

Weekly rental of equipment can alleviate the necessity of lengthy board approval, bank finance or loan agreements and also gives the operators and buyers the opportunity to establish the equipment is exact to their requirements and specifications for their own personal processing methods at extremely reasonable rates.

Reconditioned ex-demonstration and / or second hand equipment is also available at much reduced rates, with a full 90 days warranty on all parts and labour. Again, this option allows the buyer to greatly reduce costs whilst resolving the processing needs of their operators.

Many of our customers that have rented equipment have then gone on to purchase the machine as a second hand unit, almost on a ‘rent it and try before you buy’ basis. With a six month rental contract followed by a low purchase cost, it is undoubtedly an idea that strikes the savvy and the pocket.

Contact us for a demonstration or to discuss your processing requirements further and we will endeavor to succeed in meeting the needs of your coin counting and sorting as well as your current budgets.