CMP85 Coinsorter

A highly proven technical product, the CMP850 offers accuracy, reliability and due to its light weight and electronic mechanism, portability.

The CMP850 counts all denominations, sorts and batches simultaneously at an impressive speed of 600 coins per minute. Used by the leisure industry, shops, smaller car parking operations, market traders, catering facilities, education establishments, hospitals, churches, vending companies, literally anywhere with any mid volume application in processing and bagging coins.

This machine is extremely cost effective and with its large hopper and fast couting speed it offers the end user a reliable alternative to the higher priced larger coinsorters without loosing speed and accuracy. The large blue LCD allows batch pre-set of up to 3 digits, upon completion of the count the LCD shows the value of each denomination, the value of all denominations, the quantity of coins for all denominations and the quantity of coins for each denomination.

Only £415-00 ex. Vat


  • Hopper Capacity:1000 – 1300
  • Power: 240V mains supply
  • Size: D 330 x W 330 x H 255mm
  • Power Consumption:50W
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • Display: 7 LCD Digits
  • Count Speed: 600 cpm