Classic Coinsorter

Proven technology again, the Classic offers the facility of sorting and counting up to 8 different types of coin. The machine counts and sorts simultaneously with a tolerance of less that 1/0th of mm for all denominations. Sorting and counting is carried out on disc and all coins are clamped inside during processing. The coins are then released into their relevant chutes.

The large display shows all count totals and it is possible to view, print or download sub-totals, general totals (end of day, month, year etc.) in two functions, value (8 digits) and numbner (5 digits). Count data input is enetered via the positive push button keyboard.

Features: Large capacity coin disc, coin clamping controls coins during process, batch and free count modes, data input for count details, printer included for listing totals, PC link option for excel downloads, metal coin boxes as standard together with a robust cabinet with all mechanical internal devices in C45 tempered steel.


  • Hopper Capacity:2500 coins
  • Power: 240V mains supply
  • Size: D 400 x W 550 x H 1200mm
  • Power Consumption:200W
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Noise: 65 db (A)
  • Count Speed: 7/800 cpm